Contains saprophytic bacteria producing lactic acid and compounds conducive to their growth. After administration, the bacteria colonize the digestive tract, changing the habitat of intestinal flora and preventing the spread of pathogenic microorganisms in that way. Bacteria, vitamins, and nutrients contained in the Probiotic stimulate peristalsis. They improve nutrient absorption and organism’s immunity. They facilitate the growth of body mass, enhance the vitality, and alleviate stress.

The preparation is intended for dogs, cats, and rabbits. To be used for stabilization of intestinal bacterial flora during: recovery, after illnesses connected with disorders of digestive tract bacterial flora and oral administration of chemotherapeutics, e.g. antibiotics modifications of diet, particularly in younger animals exposure to various stress factors and to improve the general condition of animal’s organism and its resistance.

Size: 15 ml

dr Seidel - PROVITA probiotic


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