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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where is your shop located?

Answer: We do not have a physical shop. Our service is online based and covers the islands of Malta and Gozo. We do not ship international.


Question: Can I pick up order myself?

Answer: As we are out on deliveries, it is not possible for us to collected items from store.


Question: How do I make an order on your website?

Answer: Making an order with is very simple, just find the products you would like to order using either the search bar or by using the navigation bar at the top. Add the products to your cart, and then checkout!

Question: Can I place an order over the phone?

Answer: No, we only accept orders through the official site.


Question: What is the availability of the products on your site?
Answer: Although we try and stock as many products as possible, some items might be out of stock. In case of an out of stock item, we will contact you and offer you a full refund or we can also suggest a similar alternative item.


Question: How long does it take to deliver the order?

Answer: We aim to deliver the orders as fast as possible. On average, and subject to availability, orders are delivered within 2 working days in Malta.

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