Quality dry cat food provides everything your adult cat nutritionally needs for a long and happy life. A delicious meal containing tasty filled pockets: crunchy on the outside with a soft and delicious centre. Helps clean your cat’s teeth with a gentle abrasive effect. Dry cat kibbles are formulated to help support urinary tract health. With Omega 6 fatty acids and Zinc that help support a healthy skin and coat and with Vitamin A for strong vision. Cereals, Meat and Animal Derivatives (including 4% Chicken in the Light Brown Kibbles). Vegetable Protein Extracts. Oils and Fats (including 0.25% Fish Oil, 0.1% Sunflower Oil). Derivatives of Vegetable Origin. Minerals (including 0.2% Sodium Tripolyphosphate). Vegetables (4% Carrots in the Orange Kibbles, 4% Peas in the Green Kibbles). Antioxidants. Colourants from Natural Origin.


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