Dr. Seidel snacks for large breed pups are full-value dog snacks enriched with prebiotics and iron. Prebiotics stimulate the growth of suitable bacterial flora in the gastrointestinal tract, thus enhancing the animal’s natural immunity. Increased iron levels stimulate hematopoietic processes and collagen synthesis being of special importance in case of fast-growing large breed pup bones.


Snacks for large puppies. Perfect as between-meal snacks or training rewards (as trainers).

Active substances

  • prebiotics
  • iron


No additional iron supplementation is required when using Dr. Seidel snacks.

dr Seidel snacks for large breed puppies.

  • Ingredients

    Maize flour, wheat flour, yeast, animal fats, malt bran, dried beef, inulin prebiotic (source: chicory), iron.

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