Product Description

Quite simply our top selling dietary supplement for all round herbal health, year after year. This wonderful and unique formulation keeps dogs and cats in tip top condition by giving the diet a super-boost. Keeper’s Mix is derived from a recipe developed by a Dorset gamekeeper and kennel-man and contains an impressive eight ingredients. Balance is the key to this potent herbal blend which contains natural antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, fibres and complex bioactive compounds. Affecting many organs and even regulation of body systems, as well as promoting a thick healthy coat, Keeper’s Mix helps get everything back into sync, restoring the body’s natural rhythm and function. Working dogs and animals performing at a high level or experiencing physical demands, will benefit from this product.


Finely powdered Kelp seaweed, Celery seeds, Lucerne (Alfalfa), Nettles, Rosemary, Psyllium husks, Clivers and Wild Yam


Small dogs and cats: 1 measure, medium dogs: 2 measures, large dogs: 3 measures, giant breeds: 4 measures. Add to the daily feed using the enclosed measuring scoop. Start by adding a small amount and gradually increase to the recommended amount to improve acceptability. Can be used with any feeding regime and given in conjunction with any medication. Suitable for use during pregnancy and lactation

Safety Warning

Not recommended for cats and dogs under 8 weeks of age

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Dorwest Herbs Keepers Mix Powder