Pedigree Pat? with chicken is prepared with fresh meat at source, with completely balanced and steam-cooked ingredients. The food is formulated with natural ingredients to help guarantee the essential nutrients to the dog and help give it a long and healthy life, and to enhance its quality and unique taste. The food also contains special fibres selected to aid digestion and correct assimilation of food. In addition antioxidant and mineral vitamins that help strengthen the immune system; proteins to help tissue development and help maintain muscle tone Ingredients: Meats and derivatives (min. 42% of which min. Beef 4%), cereals, fish and fish by-products, mineral substances, by-products of vegetable origin (0.5% dried sugar beet pulp), oils and fats (0 , 5% sunflower oil) Additives Vitamin D3: 150 mg., Vitamin E 50 mg, anhydrous calcium iodate 0.39 mg, copper sulfate penta hydrate 5.7 mg ,, ferrous sulfate monohydrate 10 mg, manganese sulfate monohydrate 5.6 mg, zinc sulfate monohydrate 107 mg. Cassia gum: 3500 mg. Analytical content : Raw protein 7 Crude fat 6 Crude ash 2.3 Crude fiber 0.6 Humidity 81 Calcium 0.3 .


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